Meet the Family

zack, ethan, nancy, ej. 


Zack, the oldest, has been working alongside his mother, Nancy, advocating for the cause since Ethan (aka "Deets") was diagnosed with autism in 2005.  Together, they created the Play Now for Autism annual fundraiser in their hometown in Los Angeles. Since then, Zack has gone on to write four books and travel the country speaking on what it's like to have a brother with autism. After receiving a biomedical treatment grant for Ethan from Generation Rescue in 2010, Zack has helped his mother find the best resources available to support Ethan. EJ, Nancy's second oldest son, has also been a brave sibling warrior, helping his parents take care of Ethan on a day-to-day basis. 

"Autism is like playing a sport," says Nancy. "Some days you're sore and tired. Sometimes you feel like a champ. You make mistakes. You turn it around. You win some and lose some. At the end of it all there is a constant strive for victory... And you say, 'Damn, I love this life."